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From staffing promotional tours and designing events to making viral content with millions of views – we have a proven history of executing successful marketing campaigns.

​Dominate with Content

10’s of millions of views across social media platforms. Hundreds of successful marketing events. Launchpad Media Group is a new breed of marketing agency. We handle the creative, the digital advertising strategy, the implementation, business intelligence, and whatever custom developments that are needed along the way.


Beyond a Powerful CRM, Infusionsoft has enough automation and marketing power to Supercharge Your Business. As Certified Keap and Infusionsoft Partners, we know exactly what these applications can do for your company.


Our experience in promotions began in 2007 with the Mobile Learning Adventure, PNC Bank’s “Grow Up Great” campaign tour. As facilitators, we followed the promo across states, taking pictures of children in front of green screen while they dressed up like astronauts and professional athletes and sending them home with a printed copy. This opened a door for us into the world of event promotion and product specialization. In the decade since, Launchpad has designed, managed, staffed, and participated in hundreds of different events all over the country and worked for everyone from Trojan Condoms to Disney.

The Princeton Review contracted Launchpad Media Group to do a statewide lead generation campaign for 3 years, managing and staffing brand ambassadors in 4 Universities in Michigan. After 10 years of executing a wide variety of promotional marketing services, we are now very knowledgeable about the skills it takes to run a successful marketing event, from concept to creation. Working in concert with so many prestigious companies allowed our company to gain new understandings with every project we took on. Receiving a tour de force education in brand development, we grew smarter with every new promotional event project for a titan of industry.

All of these unique experiences allowed us to develop superb organizational skills and problem solving abilities. Our diverse marketing backgrounds have inspired us to be faster learners and a more patient teammates. Doing everything from campaign management to lead generation to product specialization and more, our team has a hefty set of skills and marketing know-how.

PNC’s Grow Up Great Campaign

Using a green screen, we put young participants in the world of their costumes and sent them home with a printed copy, often averaging hundreds of print outs per event.

The whole Mobile Learning Adventure bundled into a truck and hit the road again.

PNC’s Grow Up Great Campaign

Some of Our Valued Clients

We have a proven track record with Fortune 500 companies.

Companies we have marketed for:

Pure Michigan, Kmart, Windows, Southwest Airlines, Walgreen’s, Gamestop, HBR, Yoplait, Gunk, 5/3rd, Walmart, Fanvision, NFL, Charter, Trojan, Kroger, Starbucks, Lego, Google, Gatorade, The Princeton Review, Applegate Farms, Eckrich, PNC, State Farm, Disney, Frito-Lay, Mountain Dew, The Army, Jeep, R3 Global, Verizon, Pure Michigan, Susan G Komen Foundation,, The Henry Ford Foundation, XFINITY, Cheesecake Factory, EcoDrink, Imminent Disclosure Festival, Bar Wars, Quantum University, and more.

We have also staffed numerous alcohol sampling events inside bars, supermarkets, and even gas stations throughout the state of Michigan.

American Harvest Vodka, Noble Vines, Wente, Butterfly Kiss, Blackbox, Skinny Vines, Mirassou, Blackstone, Simply Naked, San Angelo, Chateau St. Jean, Bering. Robert Mondavi, and Menage a Trois

So​cial Media

​Natives of the information age, we having been optimizing professional development strategies on social media platforms for as long as we have been in business. Our client accounts have ranged from pure living foundations and online universities to rap battle leagues and music festivals. There is no platform or approach to social media that we are not ready to handle!

With marketing original content and tactful reblogging, we know how to generate, maintain, and increase social media traffic on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. Here are some of the pages we have worked on – Quantum University, Scarefest Scream Park, ​Bridge To Mastery, Imminent Disclosure

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